The lower face, and in particular the oval of the face, is, along with the eyes, the first area to be affected by the ravages of age. The oval breaks up and jowls and bitterness folds appear… the skin of the neck will eventually slacken. But there is a simple solution to these problems. The mini vertical facelift is a simple, quick and effective procedure with numerous advantages:

It is minimally invasive, so there are few inconveniences, while still ensuring a natural result.

It is performed under local anaesthetic, which reduces costs and duration, and also makes the post-operative period more comfortable.

Its simplicity means that you can get back to work quickly, but above all it requires only one incision in front of the ear and in the hair above it. This technique is based on the request made to us by our patients in consultation: they very often perform this gesture which, held in the hands on either side of the face, lifts the skin of the oval from the bottom to the top in front of the ear… the redraping of the skin is strictly vertical, thus achieving a natural result with a single incision.

This technique makes it possible to address the problems of young women as well as those of older patients who want a moderate correction without the sometimes overly demonstrative effect that some deeper cervico-facial lifts can give.

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