There is currently a range of professional skincare products based on a number of scientific arguments.

The underlying technology is derived from a patented source of stem cells, from which powerful proteins with rejuvenating powers are cultivated.
This powerful blend of proteins, growth factors and cytokines is the active ingredient in this professional skincare range.

The use of umbilical cord stem cells – or stem cells in general – in a cosmetic to promote skin health is a real revolution and to date is a major first.

The active ingredient, what the company calls the “Reconditioned Rejuvenating Vector”, is strictly physiological and has exactly the same natural composition as the skin. It is designed to improve skin function and regulate cell renewal.

Exclusively developed by a dermatologist (Professor Michel P. Goldman), this skincare range is recommended by doctors for use in clinics to enhance aesthetic procedures, as well as at home to promote healthy, resistant skin.


CellResearch Corporation is the parent company of the company that markets the cosmetics.

This biotechnology company discovered the presence of stem cells in the lining of the umbilical cord 10 years ago.

She discovered that this was the richest source of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells from a non-embryonic source.

The company marketing this range of skincare products draws on its parent company’s patented knowledge of stem cells, which are currently being used in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clinical trials in the United States for wound healing.

Research into stem cells from the mucous membrane of the umbilical cord has major synergistic benefits which are being applied to this range of skincare products available to everyone.

The active ingredient in these professional cosmetics is produced in GMP and ISO-certified cosmetics laboratories by CellResearchCorp., which holds the patent for stem cell technology derived scientifically from body covering tissue.

The cosmetics range has a patented formula developed using skin regeneration technology. Scientists have discovered how proteins derived from umbilical cord stem cells are able to treat the symptoms of ageing. These proteins force skin cells to behave in a youthful way by sending ‘youth messages’ that encourage the production of glycoproteins at multiple levels and restore the skin’s proper function.

Laboratory tests show a significant increase in the proliferation of epidermal cells from the 6th day after exposure to cord substances (see graph).

Other tests have shown that it accelerates cell regeneration and healing (see photo).

Cells exposed to the conditioned medium proliferate and migrate to close the wound in just 40 hours, compared with the control, which does not achieve complete closure.

Finally, there is evidence of an increase in skin thickness (photo):

Exposure to the “Reconditioned Rejuvenation Vector” increased cell proliferation, leading to an increase in epidermal and skin thickness of between 500% and 700%.

All the skincare products from this cosmetics brand contain extracts of umbilical cord skin, which provide the skin with:

– Peptides or consolidated Gylcoproteins: play an important role in the intercellular junction; play an important role in the transmission of “youth messages” to the skin.

– Soluble collagen: gives the skin strength, shape and volume

– Albumin: maintains the turgidity and fullness of the skin

– Fibronectin: binds to collagen, increasing its strength.

– Hyaluronic acid: binds with water molecules to plump the skin.

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