This procedure involves correcting problems of ptosis (drooping breasts and ageing of the breasts) and breast shape. For breast reshaping, the severity of the problem, the quality of your skin and your expectations will determine the type of incisions made by your surgeon.

To reshape and lift your breasts, your surgeon will need 1 to 3 hours of surgery. This is usually carried out under general anaesthetic in outpatient hospital surgery.

How does the operation work?

Even if the reshaping of your breasts poses no danger to your future pregnancies and breastfeeding, the ideal is to proceed with mastopexy afterwards. The reason? A new pregnancy will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the volume of your breasts and may cancel out the effects of your mastopexy.


Articles on the subject

Every surgical procedure can involve risks and complications that the patient must accept; your plastic surgeon will make it his duty to reduce the rate of these by choosing the technique best suited to your medical situation. Complications such as haemorrhage, wound or prosthesis infections and poor healing, although relatively rare, can occur with any type of surgery. This document has been drawn up to supplement the information received during the consultations. This text is not exhaustive, and cannot replace a specialist consultation; it may answer certain questions or raise others. Each patient will receive full and detailed information, in line with their own medical status and the procedure of their choice.

For more information, please consider a consultation or visit the website of the official body of the Royal Belgian Society of Plastic Surgery :

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