A breast lift can usually be performed without implants. Sometimes, for example when the breast is devoid of volume and/or the patient wants more, implants can be implanted to increase the volume: the implants are then positioned through the incision that will allow the breast to be lifted. This technique usually allows the patient to keep a pretty, shapely, “high” breast for many years to come.

The exceptional case of the patient presented below is complex and deserves to be discussed… The technique used to repair the after-effects of her previous operations was inspired by the breast lift with the insertion of prostheses behind the muscle.

This was a 65-year-old patient who had undergone breast augmentation in Paris 12 years previously, using scars around the areola. The prostheses were round and placed behind the muscle. In the weeks following the operation, the patient developed an infection which forced the surgeon to remove the implants. A few months later, new implants were inserted.

For undetermined reasons, a new fold has formed on the left, deforming the breast: the patient now wants not only to lift her breasts and reduce their volume, but also to regain an attractive shape.

The aim of the operation is to lift the areolas, correct breast deformity and possibly change the prostheses.

The photo below shows the drawings used to make the correction. The right breast will need to be lifted higher than the left, while the left breast will need to be corrected as the lower part of the breast is too short and has a deformity with a double groove….

The operation consisted of a breast lift using the single vertical scar technique (Lejour technique), using the prostheses already in place. The results will be presented in around 6 months’ time..
The difficulty was to replace the prostheses in the right place while reconstructing the fold under the breast (sub mammary fold). Raising the areolas by 4 cm made it possible to develop a lower pole of sufficient distance to obtain a beautiful lower curve.

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