It has long been recognised that as we age, our skin loses its elasticity, becomes looser and is very often in excess.

It is on this principle that facial skin lifts have been developed for several decades.

For a long time now, facelifts have been the subject of a wide variety of technical proposals: a number of renowned surgeons have studied the issue in order to propose the best solution. Knowledge of the redistribution and even loss of facial volume as part of the ageing process has led to the development of even more sophisticated solutions for increasingly natural-looking results. One of these solutions is lipofilling, a procedure that can be used on its own or as part of a skin lift.


Analyses carried out over the last ten years have shown that as we age, not only does our skin deteriorate, but so do the volumes of our face.

When we look at a young child, the cheeks are full, the cheekbones are high, and the area around the eyes is even, with no bags. The nasolabial folds are also present.

The same applies to people who are overweight or obese: at the same age, they appear less “tired”, less “drawn”,… less “old”!

Most patients who come for a consultation complain about the “tired”, “drawn” appearance of their face and ask for a solution.

With age, the cheekbones deepen and fade, bags appear around the eyelids, the nasolabial folds (between the nose and chin, on either side of the mouth) deepen, marionette folds appear and a crease appears around the chin….

It’s as if we lose volume around the eyes and in the central part of the face. It is precisely the presence of this volume in children and the obese that gives their faces their youthful appearance, and it is this volume that needs to be restored!


The technique is simple and well-known, with reproducible results.

The principle is to remove fat from the patient and reinject it after treatment. This technique is called LIPOFILLING (lipo for fat, filling for filling).

The best fat is found in the abdomen, and few patients do not have excess fat there. In some cases, fat can be taken from elsewhere. The fat is removed using a fine cannula and injected using even finer cannulas.

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