In Brazil, the United States and Asia, women don’t wait until they’re 25 to have injections. Without going to this extreme, aesthetic doctors advocate prevention: treating a wrinkle before it sets in is a better way of preserving the natural appearance of the face. By identifying the weak points in the face, micro-doses can be injected into these areas to prevent them from worsening, without any apparent change. In fact, once a dermal fracture has set in, it will be more difficult to make it disappear. In short, the earlier you intervene, the more natural the result.

Young people are much more open about the subject than their elders: twice as many patients aged 35 and over have had injections as those aged 55 and over. They have no taboos on the subject.

Towards the democratisation of aesthetic medicine

This type of procedure is becoming increasingly popular. Stars such as Sharon Stone are no longer shying away from injections, proving that a woman can look beautiful and natural at 57. Staying natural without looking ‘doctored’ is the quest of today’s women (and men too). Giving oneself a “facelift” has become common practice. There’s a real trend towards taking charge of the ageing process, taking a preventive rather than a curative approach.

This phenomenon is not confined to aesthetic medicine. These days, the new generations, and even the older ones, are very aware of everything to do with good health and keeping fit. Whether it’s through a balanced diet, regular physical activity, the consumption of appropriate food supplements, the use of increasingly effective cosmetic products, or all the new techniques relating to beauty and well-being, everyone is becoming aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body in a beautiful physical state.

Fillers à la carte

Depending on your needs, your aesthetic doctor will recommend “à la carte fillers”. If your face needs to be “revitalised”, he or she will recommend an injection of hyaluronic acid. This has become the “star procedure” because it offers hyper-natural results thanks to its wide range of products and increasingly targeted gestures, for an immediate, made-to-measure result. The new hyaluronic acids restore support to the face and ensure good tissue mobility, without weighing down the features.

If the skin around your eyes, your neck or your décolleté is thin, dull, tired and fragile, your aesthetic doctor will refer you for an injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This technique, which has been widely used in traumatology and rheumatology for several years, is a real alternative for those who want a natural, almost organic approach. Your own blood is collected, centrifuged to extract platelet-concentrated plasma, and reinjected by mesotherapy into the areas to be treated.

Finally, if it is the oval of your face that needs to be treated, your aesthetic doctor will recommend an injection of botulinum toxin (Botox®). This can be injected into the upper part of the face (forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines) but also into the lower part of the face (fine lines around the upper lip, creases at the corners of the mouth). Your aesthetic doctor can also inject botulinum toxin to reduce jowls, but also in the neck (platysmal bands), giving a real “lifting effect” and a more youthful appearance.

In conclusion, even when it comes to beauty and physical well-being, prevention is better than cure…

So don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your plastic surgeon, who will carry out a complete examination of your face and neck, and give you the best advice and guide you towards the right treatments.

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